moving background in MW3


dimm sum

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does anybuddy have a voodoo3/3000
and can see a moving background in the
options menu of the game?
My machine with a viper770 can see
has moving buttons and sounds- well, in a
comparable machine, I installed mw3, and used the voodoo3/3000.
There was no moving background, and no moving
buttons. :( why?
Because the weird thing is- Installed PM also
and IT has the moving stuff!!!


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Suggested before on Bios Settings for disable Video Cache, Video Shadowing. It didn't do the trick.
There is the Resource management still to mention. In device manager check the Display adapter resouce tab. See if manual settings are allowed. If so move the video memory useage range +5/-5 steps away from a confic setting. Don't think this will solve the Background moving.
Its only a Guess The Game startup menus are some form of Flash presentation. The latest Direct X version 7a. Virtual machine Download from Micosoft update page. Macromedia Flash viewer browser plugin. Windows Quicktime movie program. It these don't do the trick, atleast got some kewl plugins

Only big promblem in MW3 was game freeze. that was the Bios solution.
Regards Bronto


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WOW........when I had my V3 I didn't even know bout the moving button thing. Think I will try it again with GeForce.