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Movies you enjoy watching:

Recently I've enjoyed The Book of Eli:

And the best version, imho, of Sherlock Holmes:

The Book of Eli makes you think a bit about a future that hopefully none of us ever experiences. The fight scenes and general feel of the movie are fairly unique and it is well directed by the Hughes brothers.

Sherlock holmes is one of those themes that has had many different angles applied to it. In the days of Basil Rathbone, it was a blend of Holmes and his intelligence and blundering by Watson, enjoyable it was but this new direction that Holmes movies is going in is refreshing and apparently closer to the original books written about Sherlock Holmes and his many adventures.



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Agreed, Sherlock Holmes was an awesome film to watch! Needs a big TV and big sound though.

Another one I was surprised by, was Taken, starring Liam Neeson. You know how some days you encounter people who truly just need their arse kicked? Well... Liam Neeson delivers :p