Mouse control problem



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I am having problems with my mouse when playing the game Jardinains. It uses the mouse to position a paddle (breakout class of game). The problem is that the paddle often lags the mouse movement, almost as if it were connected to a rubber band. I move it, then it suddenly catches up. It seems to be unrelated to the mouse hardware because I have tried several mice and they all have the same problem. It may be a game flaw, in which case I presume there is nothing I can do about it. But I would like to ask if anyone has had a similar problem and if they were able to find a fix?


If it only occurs during that particular game,
If applicable,
Check game site for any patches/fixes.


If you don't have an installed game on your PC that can run quickly and test your mouse in just the span of a few minutes... you might want to hop on Google and search for site with online games that don't require any installation. For instance, this is a similar site where you can choose an online game to see of your mouse is working on or not. It saves so much time, because it allows you to search for games on steam, installing them, etc.


Could be a directX problem, My dad PC had a very hard time running Farcry 4, Had lag in the player movement and the GFX where crap, So playing in the video card setting I started to lower the details etc etc, And I found an option where you could switch from DX11 do DX9, And bam, the game ran like a charm. So yes absolutely is probably the game.