norbert mcdangle

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When I re-install Win95, amongst others (Multimedia devices) it auto-detects a PCI Bridge in the 'Other Devices' section. The multimedia devices register when I update the drivers, but I can't find any software/drivers for the PCI Bridge whatever the hell that is. I've get an M577 motherboard & Award BIOS 4.51PG.


gray tornado

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I'm not sure what chip set your board uses, but I had the same problem with my FIC VA-503+ motherboard. In my case, FIC included a driver CD with the MB that had the required drivers. I was also able to go to the FIC tech support page and download slightly updated drivers. Check on the manufacturers tech support page. Good Luck.


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The M577 is a PC Wave/ PCChips Motherboard drivers that you are looking for to solve this problem are available at or