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I am new to this forum, but I am hoping it will be useful.
I currently have a foxxconn A74ML-K motherboard, AMD Phenom II 2.3ghz quad core with 4gb ram, sata hard drive as my boot device, a sata dvd/cd writer combo, an Asus Nvidia geforce gt630 with 2gb ddr3. And at the time the problem started, windows 7 home premium. My biggest problem was while playing Star wars the old republic. I found out I could view my FPS. What I found when viewing it was a terrible FPS as low as 2 or 3 right up to 25-30, all while running around doing what you do. yet when I was in a transition screen, ie going from a planet to my ship etc, it shot right up to100+ and as low as 50 FPS. So try out something different, I loaded up Star wars the force unleashed, everything was going well, it was running quite smoothly, then the screen froze, I could not get out of it. I had to reboot the PC. It would not go back into windows at all. So I had to reinstall. I reinstalled windows 7, then the computer kept crashing, things were very slow etc. So I reinstalled windows xp professional. this is what I currently have on the computer. but again, it is very slow, it is like I have 10 programs all running at the same time. my oldpentium 4 2.8ghz works faster than my quad core. So I am wondering if it is the motherboard or the CPU, unfortunatle I dont have anything else to try to change with it, in other words, i dont have a spare motherboard or processor to swap about and see if that makes a difference. Any ideas please.


To check memory,
You can use software such as Memtest86+

To test hard drive(s),
You can use the HDD manufacturer's diagnostic software utility.


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Easiest way to get the two invaluable utilities Shinma suggested is the Ultimate Boot CD. It's a free download, burn it to a bootable cd or usb drive. Boot from it, run the tests. Lots more freeware utilities on it.