Mother Board Monitor 4.12



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I started using MBM 4.12 to get an idea as to how hot my cpu is running since I O/C it. I've found that it has 3 settings under sensor 1, they are:
winbond 1, which reads 32 degrees c
winbond 2, which reads 42 degrees c
winbond 3, which reads 51 degrees c
Which of these is the critical reading? I can touch the cpu without burning myself so I haven't thought it was too hot. Some of the postings I've read suggest that 51 degrees c is too hot, while the 32 degrees c is ok. I don't want to mess up my cpu so I want to know which reading is the correct temp.


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I use a program called waterfall to keep my cpu temp down, I turn it off or on an whichever one changes is the cpu.