Most disappointing game ?



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high heat 98 & triple play 99& 2000 !!!

Acid Rain

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I remember when Command and Conquer Tiberian sun was comming out. I was all exciteed because they were like my favorite series. So I went out and bought it and it was cool at first but then after a while it really sucked. I mean, that game realy sucked. The multiplayer sucked adn so did the one player. The best stratagy games are StarCraft and Age of Empires 2

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The most disapointing game for me was Diddy Kong Racing on N64. I love Mario Cart 64 to this day the muliplayer racing is the best. I was hoping Diddy Kong Racing would be exactly like Mario Cart 64 only with differn't characters and levels. I rented it for my birthday and it was a huge disapointment, the controls suck and the game is not fun at all.