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Hi, I am hoping that someone can help me with an annoying problem that has been nagging at me for the past few weeks. I am using a Proview Monitor 17 inch model PX-765 series. The monitor is using a Nvidia Riva TNT AGP Video Card running under Win98se.

My problem is that the image on my monitor has a distinct curve to the left hand top corner of the screen. I have tried all the manual adjustments on the monitor, eg pincushion, trapezoid, unbalance and even degaussed to screen, but nothing seems to correct this little querk. I can not recall this being present on first purchasing the monitor - 10 months ago.

Can someone give me some constructive help before my monitor learns how to fly and I become bald.


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Maybe your refresh rate is to high. This often causes geometrical effects when the monitor is above its limits. Lower the rate to 75,72 or even 60Hz and check if the problem is gone.
If not then your monitor may be damaged irreversible by a refresh rate above the limits for longer time. Bad luck.