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Guess i'll be needing a new monitor since my old one's busted....

I feel like getting a 20" monitor.... does anyone have anything to say about it?

Does playing games on a 20" monitor gives headaches or anything.... or maybe a 17" is better?

Also i have the choice of getting a NEW 17" monitor VS a second hand Phillips 20" monitor.... which one do you think is more worth it?

Any thoughts pls reply :p


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I'd go for a 17" one as 20" monitors are a little too big - you get eyestrain from having to look at a bigger field of view!

If you do a lot of CAD or 3D graphics work, then the 20" would allow you to have more on the screen at any given time.

Any headaches you might get would be more likely down to a poor refresh rate on the monitor (i.e. less that 70hz).

Have fun!

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(dreaming of playing Quake2 on a 20" monitor with the lights turned off and the sound pumped up load through a hi-fi...)

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As far as what size monitor to get, I think it depends on what size your old monitor was.
If you had a 15" monitor before, a 17" should do just fine. i have a 15" at home, and when I come to work, the 17" I have seems like a big screen tv!
(p.s.) A refurbished monitor with a warranty should be fine.

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I have had a 20" CTX for a while. I haven't noticed any eye strain. However, I probably should have gone with the 19" SONY. The biggest thing I noticed with such a large monitor is the footprint.

Make sure your desk can handel the depth of a 20" and still give you enough room so that you can see your whole screen in one field of view.