monitor won't display cause of some tube (help!!)



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well i came on to my computer this morning i played shadow warrior for about and hour.

i went to load a screen doctor.And then my screen flicker and now it won't display any thing.The power button keeps on flashing.The monitor has power but won't display any thing

please help


Can you smell burning?
Does it display anything on boot up?
Can you go into safe mode?
If you can get into safe mode, try and disable or delete this 'screen doctor' thing. Or try uninstalling the vid card drivers and re-installing them.
If you cannot get any display on boot up then you may have a hardware problem.
Can you borrow a vid card off someone, or try another monitor.
This may sound extreme but if you have a fair clue about your system setup, then you could try re-setting bios to its defaults, and then going from there.

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well i think it might be a hardware problem.
The computer will start up as normal.I can load the win95 menu F8 and select things from the menu.I am not that experienced removing bios and i have done it befroe on my old computer and that was a success.I will try the driver removing

Thanks for ur help


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If your not already dead yet... don't open up the monitor, at any cost. Believe me. There is a lot of electricity (even when the monitor is off) inside it.

(If your problem isn't the monitor, then disregard this


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well the monitor works it gets power
but it won't display anything and u can't get the sound either.I am using a monitor but my parents don't won't to buy another tube(about $400 bucks)but any more sugestions will be great