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Hey. I have a Viewsonic E771 monitor and a Hercules Geforce2 MX. I can't get the adapter to run at a refresh rate of 86Hz, which my monitor supports at 1024x768 resolution.

Anyone know the what the problem is?



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My old Viewsonic monitor came with a driver disc, which basically tells windows what refresh rates the monitor can handle.
If you dont have the disc then pop along to there web site and download the drivers.

If you have installed the drivers and they dont work then, have a look to see if there are any newer ones.
Try re-installing the vid card drivers also.

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yeah installing the driver is important so windows knows exactly what is supported (I gained some video modes by installing my drivers)


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I installed the latest drivers for my monitor and I'm using the latest official Detonator 3 drivers but still, the hightest I can go is 75Hz.


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Windows monitor drivers are really annoying. At one point I was able to run my monitor at the supported refresh rate of 150hz...when I installed new drivers windows went crazy on me and I have never been able to get any refresh rate over 85hz.

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Whether or not you acually see 86 listed as a refresh rate to choose, it can still do it. Usually if you set refresh rate to optimal it will choose a refresh rate that is pretty high, even higher than 86 maybe, depending on your resolution. So try optimal and see if that works out ok.