Monitor needs turned off ...



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then back on at start up , in order to get my desk top.

If i'm in the wrong category...please let me know...maybe this is a software problem (keep reading why I think it might be)

Computer HP Pavilion Elite m9040n PC with an HP 19" w2408h Vidid Color Widecreen Flat-panel Monitor with BrightView panel, OS = Windows Vista

Here's what happens:

I turn my tower power button on, (my monitor is always on but I guess asleep)the monitor screens shows the various processes that it's doing (for exmple, there's a black screen with a blinking cursor, then a microsoft bar with a light going across it, then the microsoft logo & maybe a couple other things & then my wallpaper, and then nothing!!!)

Usually after the wallpaper comes on, my desktop & cursor will appear & I'm ready to use my computer; BUT not any more.

I can't access anything because there's nothing i can do...I did change the wallpaper to "none" but that didn't help...I tried to turn the monitor off & then on b4 I turn the tower on and at another time "during" start up...but no good).

Once I get the monitor working, I have no problem until the next time I have to get on.

Please note that this only started after I did some Windows Updates (about 20 of them ) BUT I tried to reviewed them & none seemed to be related to start-ups or monitors. I don't want to have to go back to a restoral point & then try to figure out which of the 20 Updates is the culprit & maybe none are!!(Possibly this post should be a software problem???)

Any & all help will be greating appreciated as I know only enough about computer to get in trouble.

Thanks ahead of time

Kellie Dobbie

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Try connecting the monitor to another CPU. If the problem persists then it's your monitor that's at fault, otherwise it could be a software problem. Why are you so concerned about restoring your PC? Through it you can confirm if it's the Windows Update that is the source of your problem.