Modem Speed Connection Blues



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Well, I've tried everything I can think of and I simply can't get my 56K modem to connect any higher than 28.8 I'm chalking it up to Bell Atlantic having crappy lines in my area where the signal has to be converted too many times. Oh, and Bell Atlantic says there is nothing they can do about it. That's customer service for you. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can connect higher, I'd appreciate it.


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Nothing you can do. I just had a similar experience, and they told me they only promise 26.4. The worse thing about that is, they had set up an appointment to come out and check it. Actually I think there is a setting or something on the line which determines the data rate. The guy even told me he noticed a problem with the line when he did a diagnostic check. But when I bugged them about it, I got the 26.4 guarantee. However, you can check and see if your ISP has another number which may be closer.

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Yup, that's what I thought. I can't wait for Comcast to start offering Internet service, I'll be the first one to get a cable modem and then I'll flame Bell Atlantic's web site. LOL You'd think living anywhere between DC and Boston that you'd be in an area with up to date wiring etc. WRONG.


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Its a sad state of affairs but your RBOC's are only required to provide up to 9600 reliably. Getting a telco to admit to noise on the line is nothing short of a mini miracle. They are correct though in a way in saying there is nothing they can do about it, especially if your line is going thru more than one central office. See if you can dial 611 and get a live body to run a check. Better yet, get your ISP to bitch about it...they'll be the one losing money.


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See the PCWORLD magazine March 1999 issue for

1. Speedup strategies
2. Superfast connections
3. High Speed phone lines
4. etc...

Good series of articles and Cover story or your dilemma. Good Luck with faster access.


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I can only get 28.8K and I have tried 5 different Modems and switched ISPs. I've called the phone co. only to be told that my line is good and they are only obligated to provide a 14.4K connection. You can't win with those bastards!


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I use to have a DiamondMM Supra Express SPi 56KFLEX modem. My ISP supported the 56KFLEX but didn't the V90. There was a document on the DiamondMM site that said that if you had a 56K modem & flashed it for the V90, then the modem would run as a 33.6.

Some modem manufacturers have a number that you can call & it will analize the amount of line noise that you are getting.

I've dumped the Supra Express modem & have a 'generic' Powercom modem, which is a 56KFLEX/V90. I have an account with 2 ISP's the one that didn't support the V90 and with this modem I can only connect at BEST 38000K.
The other ISP is a new one & I consistently connect at 49333K with them.

If you get to be a big enough pain to the phone company they should try moving your line to another one of their units, which can make a world of difference. Some of the phone company's equipment can be not up to par.