Modem Problems



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Looking for opinions on this pain-in-the-butt problem.

My friend has a Gateway P-II 400 with a USR Winmodem. He uses AOL (Please, don't laugh at him) and the modem hardly ever connects when he calls from his house. When he brought his computer to my house, it worked fine....connected everytime at 44000+ when calling the same access numbers.
I took my external modem to his house and installed it and it did the same thing as his connect. I couldn't connect to my ISP nor AOL. OK...fine. The problem is in the phoneline...right? Well, not just more test to make sure. We ran a 100' extension from the junction box on the outside of his house straight into the computer hoping to see if there was an internal wiring problem in the house. But it did the same connect.

So, we've now narrowed the search to indicate a problem from the junction box out to somewhere on the phoneline. Well, the phone company has tested the line and everything was good as far as they were concerned. They say there should be no reason the modem is having a problem. They are pointing their finger at his computer. We know otherwise since it does work from my phoneline....however, we each have two different phone companies. He's on Sprint and I'm on BellSouth.

Anyone ever run into something like this?