Modem problem



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I have had this computer for a while and not had any modem problems until now. When I dial it gives me the 630 error, "the computer is not recieving a response from the modem ect" and modem diagnostics says that the modem failed to respond, but if I remove all of the com ports and the modem, then reinstall, the modem works fine for about 24 hours, then I get the error again, When I run hardware wizard to install the modem, it creates a new port "3" and installs the modem to use this port.
It is an internal Rockwell modem, it has a cardinal chip on it, I assume it is an ISA modem because it is in an ISA slot, my computer is an Epox P120 Bx Intel chip, I have tryed all of the ovious, I would appreciate any help, thanks.


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it may be a resaource issue. try the method you have done and once it is working, note the adress, irq's and com assignments of all com ports and then when it goofs again look at the assignments again and you may find your answer