Modem Internet Speed



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I recently purchased a Zoom 56K V90 internal fax modem(OEM).
Problem is, the best speed I get on the internet is 33,600.
My ISP says it's not there fault, as they support V90 protocol.
My hardware dealer says that he sold many of these modems, all without trouble.
I contacted the local phone company to check the phone line, they say it's fine.
Zoom won't give me support because it's OEM.
What do I do from here?
Please help.


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Okay, I had the same trouble, what I did was, found someone in my area, that has a forsure v90 connection and got them to allow me to use there connection to check my modem, when doing this I found out that the modem did connect correctly and that my provider only supported 56k x2, and not v90... this may be a help also contact a fellow user of your provider and ask them if that have a v90 and if it works etc... or simply take and exchange the modem at the retailer you bought it from for a usr, or an acer etc... TWinchek.... Good Luck, btw e-mail me if you need future help [email protected]