Modem com port settings



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How do I access the modem's comport if is not listed in the devices pullup? It only lists com 1 and 2, the modem is on 3, and working, but I know it can perform better. Ususally I open the port as far as possible, ez when it is listed on com2. Where do you go to set it?




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As hambone says, go into setting/control panel/system/click device manager select modem and open. Select your modem and click on properties. Click on the resources tab and
get rid of the automatic settings. Select the different configuration and accept the new setting. Go back to the modem tab and see if your com setting is changed to the one you want. Do not put your modem on com3 because
you will have an occasional conflict between
your mouse and modem. Also if your cahnge gives you and IRQ conflict you can click on interrupt request and change setting. But each time yo do you'll have to double check
the modem tag to see if it is still correct.
You can change some of the setting in the registry but thats another story. Good luck


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You will almost always get COM3 or 4 when installing an internal modem. COM1 and 2 are generally reserved for external devices. COM3 can cause a hangup with a SERIAL mouse on COM1, 1 & 3 share resources as do 2 & 4. I have use COM3 for my modem and COM1 for my mouse for the last couple years and have had little problems.