Mixer devices???



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Gonna try to make this short. I had to reformat and reload everthing, used a freinds backup disks for windows(older version) as mine were infected with a virus. Now when I try to use an audio program or even set my volume I get a message that I have no mixer devices installed on my system. I have looked in control panel and nothing there helps, jsut tells me the same thing, no mixer devices installed. I used to have sound so I know I have them but how do I go about configuring my puter to recognize them? Where do I look. I"m afraid I dont even know what kind of sound card my puter has and don't know where to look to find out. Would my bios settings tell something like that? The only multimedia disk that came with my puter is an ati one that to only be for video and graphics display. Can anyone please help. I hope I have mentioned everything perinent to the problem.
Pulling my hair out over this.


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What type of computer do you own??

If it is an ast, packard bell, compaq, ibm, or hewlet packard, you probably have built on sound from yamaha. If you dont, you should pull your case appart and find out what card is in there, or if it is built on to the board.

It sounds like you need to install the drivers for the card, but you will need to know who makes the sound chip first.



Have you checked Control panel in the Windows Setup part of Add/ remove programs ...In multimedia there is a volume control box ...make sure it is checked...you might have already checked...but I wasn't sure what you meant when you said you "went into Control panel"