Mitsubishi Monitors



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Has anyone had or use Mitsubishi's 900U Pro
monitor 19", ?? Is it as good as I have been told,... It's not cheap, and if I am going to obtain one I want to know that it is worth the money ?? Any comments ...


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Funnily enough, this is the exact same monitor that I'm interested in. In the February issue of Computer Shopper magazine, three monitors cam e out head&shoulders above all the other 19in monitors reviewed, these were: Iiyama VisionMaster Pro 450, Mitsubishi Diamondscan 900u and the Nokia 446X Pro. I've been asking people on the video card discussion board (as it seemed like the right place to ask) what they think of this but I've not had much back yet. Have a look at my posting on the other board and see if you agree with my choice.