Mistakes were made



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I recently bought an alladin V equiped motherboard with AGP. Now I have two related problems.

1) My S3 Virge DX works but my Diamond Monster I does nothing. (Both are PCI cards)

2) The S3 Savage I just walked through sub-zero temperature to purchace (supposedly to fix problem #1), does nothing. No picture. Not even in BIOS.

Other system specs. AMD K6/2 266.

Any advice would be fantasitc.



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Sounds like you have some component incompatabilites. Your mother board is likely the problem. I have seen/had experiences with boards and periferals such as video and sound cards. Best thing to do would be to see if you can use the cards in other motherboards, and if they work, take the one you got back and get a new (different) one. Via seems to have one of the better chipsets for socket 7, so try and get one with a via chipset, not sis or ali.