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Hey all,

Just cleaning up around here. Got a few small things.
All prices include shipping.

Video Card:
3D Power Geforce 3 Ti200

TV Cards:
Leadtek Winfast TV2000XP Deluxe Edition
This card is used but in good shape. PCI card, coaxial in/out, S-Video in, and audio in/out. I don't have the remote, box, manual or software. But software and manual is downloadable.

MSI [email protected] Master
This is another used card. Nothing wrong with it last time it was used. I don't have any of the accessories for this one either.

SOHO N-Way Switch 16- port 10/100 Ethernet Switch
This is in very good shape. Very stable too.

Cooling stuff:

Thermalright NB-1
used Northbridge Cooler Very good cooler. Runs quiet but cools well.

Zalman ZM-NB47J
passive northbridge cooler

Thermaltake Extreme Spirit North Bridge Cooler
Has the South Bridge sinks, but not the fan controller.

Alpha PAL 8045 Socket A cooler

various ramsinks


2- 90mm brass hub Sanyo Denki case fans
These two are tailed together with a Radio Shack molex connector.

Antec 120mm 3- blue LED's 3 pin fan

120 mm Global Win case fan this sucker moves a lot of air. Not sure it's CFM, but its quite substantial. Untailed.

Laptop Power Supply:
iGo WallPower 6500 Series
This laptop power supply was being used on a Toshiba laptop. I don't have any of the ends other than the one thats on it now, which I think is #6.

Bluetooth Headset- Motorola H350 This one is blue. I don't have a charger for it, but Ill throw in a USB to mini usb adapter and you can charge it on your PC.

Musical Eqipment:
Shure SM58 used microphone.

Ibanez SDGR 6 string bass guitar
two active soapbar pickups.
Comes with an Alvarez hardshell case.


Radio Shack CB radios:
all of these are a few years old. I haven't used them for a long time.
1- TRC-222 40 channel CB receiver This one is in very good shape. Some scratches on the back and a stupid eagle sticker.
1- TRC-31 3 channel This one requires crystals for the two alternate channels. Never bought them. Its in pretty good shape. Tip of the antenna is broken off.
1- TRC-90 single channel- I replaced the antenna on this one with a whip antenna. 9 volt battery terminal was removed and replaced. And I glued a belt clip on the back. Oh and the stupid eagle sticker. The things we do when were young. hehe
$50 for all three.

I may have a few other things Ill post later.

Heat is here:

Thanks for looking.
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