miroPCTV tuner doesn't work



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I can't see TV on my computer screen with
my miroPCTV !!
The composite input works well but it seems
that tuner TV is unable to work on my config.
In fact, the MiroTELEVISION software sweeps
all the TV SECAM band and no signal is found
(I live in FRANCE)

My config : P2 233Mhz with 96Mo RAM and
ATI [email protected] 4Mo video card (PCI connect)

help will be usefull !


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Check the following possibilities:

(1)Is it the right broadcast type, US uses
NTSC, most part of Europe and Asia PAL,
France and Russia SECAM, are you sure you get the card with the right video type?

(2)Check for possible conflicting drivers from previous installed video card or capture card. I used to have problems with my pinnacle studio pctv card, later found out I forgot to uninstall the previously installed pinnacle studio 400 driver. Uninstall the old driver solved the problem.

(3)The quality of that particular card (miro pctv or pinnacle studio pctv) for tv tuner is no good, I only much less channel than I got from a TV. Hope this helps.