miroPCTV problem !



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I there. My name is Hugo Rosa, and i have a miroPCTV PCI TV board.
I connected it to my new system, under Windows 98, installed all the drivers and Pinnacle software for Miro and everything went fine.
But when i try to tunne up the channels i receive via Cable, half of them are not tunned !!! The signal appeares to be weak and the miro tunner software jumps some channels, even if i uncheck "Quick Search". The strange thing is that if i connect the same cable to my tv set everything is fine, all channels are well tunned !!!
Please i would like to know what's wrong here, because i know the problem is not the signal, since my tv works well with it. Only miroPCTV board doesn't.
Is it some well know bug or bad configuration problem ??
I would like some help from you all

Oh, just another thing, i'm using DirectX 6.
Thanks in advance. Best regards.


My system is :

FIC VA 503+ motherboard
AMD K6 - 2 3D Now 300Mhz processor
AGP ATI 3D RAGE PRO 8Mb video board- latest drivers
DIMM 64Mb SDRAM 100Mhz bus speed compliance
miro PCTV TV board with the latest drivers