Middle keyboard keys not working properly



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Hi all,

I have a compaq 610 laptop that has suddenly developed a strange issue. The middle keys on the keyboard - keys A, S, D, F (below the QUERTY line) are inputting incorrect values. A is inputting Z1 and S is inputting X2 etc. All other keys are fine except the return key which is entering a space value.

The laptop was fine one evening and then next day I couldn't get logged in as it didn't accept the password. I got logged in using a KVM switch that I borrowed and that input the correct password. then I opened a notepad document and using the laptop keyboard I tried all the keys and thats when i discovered A was inputting Z1, S was inputting X2 etc and the return key was inputting a space value.

What has happened to the laptop keyboard and how do I resolve this please? Thanks in advance




I had that same trouble years ago on an old ThinkPad, but that was the result of liquid being spilled onto the keyboard. Is there any chance that happened? In my case, the fix was to remove the keyboard, tilt it/turn it to get as much liquid out as I could, and then to let it dry. Keyboard functions came back in stages as the inside of the board dried out. Those boards were made with overlapping layers of plastic sheeting with the wiring embedded in them, so that liquid between the layers was the issue.

If you have not had something like that, it may be that keyboard replacement may be an option. The fact that you can use an external keyboard is helpful, in that it indicates that the problem is the keyboard and not something else.