Mid Mad 2 making me MAD



Can you smell burning?
Got Midtown Madness 2 the other week and its really good, lots of nice cars, the handling is a lot better (more like Driver), and the graphics are great.

When I'm playing on-line over the MSN network (or whatever
) my ever-so stable machine crashes.
Not all the time, but its happened quite a bit. Which is a little annoying when playing as part of a team and all of a sudden I have to disapear, (to restart,connect,find game, and join game again).
The only way to get out of the 'screen freeze' is to press the restart button.

Just wondered if anyone here has experienced the same.
Or has an idea as to what may be causing this.


[email protected] with Alpha PEP66
BF6 Mobo
Vortex2 sound
Iiyama VisionMaster Pro450