Microstar MS5169 v2.3 Motherboard & AGP



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DId anyone else out here have problems trying
to run the USBSUPP.exe and AGP drivers on this board because it tuned out to be a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
The Ali AGP driver update ruined all of my original VxD drivers,installing its own Kernels like NTKernal.Vxd. Windows would not boot up telling me that the sofware had corrupted it!!!!!!!!!!
Did antone have success doing this!!!!!!!
And what steps did you take!!!
Please tell me!!!!


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I assume you are installing an AGP card in Windows 95. GOOD LUCK! Ever wonder why they don't sell the AGP cards in a "boxed" version? It's because they are selling it to resellers who are skilled in configuring these monsters (I underpand Windows 98 has no problems with AGP). The directions are inadequate, and assume you are a technician that knows all the tricks, and has drivers that do not come on the CD.

I have a Diamond Stealth 460 AGP. By accident, I looked up the Diamond Web Site, and found very detailed instructions and downloads. The order that you install DirectX, drivers, and the setup program is very important. It took me a week and a half before I got it right. Try the ALI site, and again GOOD LUCK.