Microstar MS5169 95/100mhz AGP



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DId anyone else out here have problems trying
to run the USBSUPP.exe and AGP drivers on this board because it tuned out to be a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The Ali AGP driver update ruined all of my original VxD drivers,installing its own Kernels like NTKernal.Vxd.

Windows would not boot up telling me that the sofware had corrupted it!!!!!!!!!

Did antone have success doing this!!!!!!!
And what steps did you take!!!
Please tell me!!!!


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Okay, question. What verion of Windows were you running? If you were running WIN98, then you mistakenly did not read not to use those old WIN95 drivers.

IF you are running something else, good luck.


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If you are using windows 95, try reinstalling windows, then install the board updates first before installing the drivers for you periferal cards. Usually this will solve this kind of problem. And like avatar said, these updates are for win 95 not win 98, so if you installed them in win 98, you will have to reinstall windows. (reformat you drive or use the dos command deltree to remove the windows directory completely, if you dont, those vxd files may stay in you windows directory and cause problems).
Hope this helps.