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I know this sounds stupid but I can't increase my microphone volume. The microphone itself works fine and is pretty good quality. I have used the sound settings in the system tray and managed to put the microphone volume to the max but when I am using voice comms or recording with my headset everyone says that it is too quiet and I should turn up my microphone output. In various programs (teamspeak, windows sound recorder) i have tried to check the settings there but still it is too soft.

I have a feeling that it might be something to do with the extra programs on my pc that came already installed. I have a toshiba satellite a100-405 and there are various applications installed. For example in my taskbar there is the "TOSHIBA Virtual Sound" utility that allows me to adjust the listening environments. In my control panel there is also a "realtek HD Sound Effect Manager" that lets me change the same settings as in the system tray and a few options about environments. One thing I noticed in the system tray advanced microphone settings is that I could not change those two bars that determine the bass and treble volumes. If I could increase these two I think it would be louder.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


You shouldn't need to use bass/treble sliders to alter volume, there should be a separate 'mic' volume slider for that.

Often for microphones there is also a tick box to increase the gain somewhere
(usually shown as +20dB or something like that). Also do you have the microphone plugged into the actual microphone input, or the 'line in'? It should be in mic (usually pink) rather than line in (blue).