Member drive? Promotions? Free hardware!



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Hey Everybody,

In one of the posts I read, a forum member suggested that we do a member drive to get more people to join the forums. Now, I'm going to be honest with everyone, one of my roles is to get more people to come to the forums. This way, is able to keep the forums up and running for its members. So I think some kind of member drive would be a great idea for everyone.

Anyway, I spoke with Sander and we have a lot of extra hardware lying around that could be used as prizes for a member drive and/or contests to get people more involved in HardwareCentral and the forums.

The problem is, we're not sure what type of contests you guys are interested in. So we're asking you guys to help us out. We might even be able to throw in some free hardware to the person who first thinks up the idea(s) that we end up using

Ideas anyone?

Jeff Tseng
[email protected]

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Ya have any nice big hard drives in there for good old mikey?

Michael Jarmark


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Free hardware is a great idea.. and I am sure it will attract members.. but what will attract members most of all.. and keep them here.. is the fact that HWC now has people to watch over the board and help us when we have a problem. This is the best thing that ever happened here.

Rich H.


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Agree with Rich. It's honestly the best thing I've seen at this site in a long time (since I firs came here to figure out how to put together my pile of PC parts).

Like the suggestions forum alot.


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Hmmmm I think the contest for free hardware should be something like.... well, drat I can't think of anything. Just give it all to me and I will keep an eye out for worthy members to which to distribute it to



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If you give out free hardware will that only apply to US Residents?

I'm super member you know, but I also live half way across the world.