maybe you can help


myzta hamblen

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Ok, I do at home audio recording. I recently upgraded to a new computer that was built for me by a relative and its truly amazing. my soundcard i had (an emu) was not compatible with my new computer since the emu was in a pci slot on my old computer and my new computer had pci-e slots. So I went with a sound blaster audigy rx sound card. I record off of Sonar 13 (another upgrade. Had been using sonar 6). My mixer is a Euroeurorack ub802 by behringer.
My problem...
Upon playback I hear a low static in what i recorded. I cant hear it as Im recording, just during play back.
Any ideas how to get rid of it? A friend of mine suggested turning the buffering down in the sound card options but i cant find that option anywhere.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks.