May not be top of the line, but I love my Box !



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Dammit, I love my box. Hand crafted.
Beautiful lucent blue front cover.
Pentium-3 [email protected]
Abit BE6-2
128meg pc-133
9.1gig Quantum Fireball KA (using UDMA/66)
CreativeLabs GeForce 32meg SDR
SoundBlaster Live X-Gamer
Realtek ethernet card for DSL
4x4x24 HP Rewritter Plus
17" .26 Mon by KDS
Four Point surround Speakers by CL
And where is it? No where near me.
Can't use it till next week. DAMMIT
Once you use something you don't
wanna use anything else. Im using a
k6-2 500. Good machine.


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I love mine as well. Always crave a little more speed, but with a limited budget, it was a heck of an upgrade from my K6-2 400!

Why are you subjected to the torment of a downgrade to K6-2 500? On vacation? Working away from home? Hope you find you way back home soon.....your baby is sure to be missing you as well

Apex MidTower w/250W P/S
Tyan Trinity 400, Rev. 4, BIOS 1.07
FC-PGA 500E @ 700(5 X 140 @ 1.7V)
MS 6905 Rev. 2 Master Slocket
Global Win FKP-32
Micron 128MB PC100 Cas2 SDRAM
Xentor32 TNT2U @169/185
15.3GB DiamondMax Plus 40, ATA66, 7200rpm HDD
SBLive! Value
56K/V90 USR Winmodem
KDS AV-7T 17"
Windows '98FE


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Ah yes, the love of a machine. I got my P3 550 running @ 733 too, and it's a beautiful thing. Running 133 RAM at 133 fsb is like it was supposed to be this way
I won't touch my old machine now, and this one at work, while OK, (Celeron 433 128 PC100 RAM), it's nothing compared to my baby.


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Well, my system is at one place until I move there next week, so until then I get to use my other comp. K6-2 500. Im use to playing delta force-2 and quake 3. Now im using dial-up til next week. aaaaahhhhhh!!!!


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I agree...How can't you love a thing that you've built yourself, tweaked and modified painstakingly to get every MHz worth of performance out of...Yah, I definitely love my rig, more than some women I used to know...


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Don't need to that much...My current flame shares my passion for computers. She just drops by and both of us do comp stuff for hours...After that, well...