Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 30GB HD 7200rpm ATA/66?



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Is this hard drive any good? I just ordered one for $100. Is that a good deal, or am I going to be let down?


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Maxtor makes excellent HDD's! $100.00 for an UDMA/66 (It might be upgradable to ATA-100), 7200RPM 2MB Buffer HDD isn't bad at all.

Lots of people refuse to use Maxtor HDD's beecause back in the day of 386/486's Maxtor HDD's were far from perfect, but Maxtor's newer HDD's are very fast and reliable.

How I rate HDD makers from 1 to 5

1. IBM/Maxtor (tie for #1 place)
2. Fujitsu (not a speed demon, but very reliable)
3. Quantum
4. Seagate
5. Western Digital




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I think the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus is an excellent drive. All the reviews I've seen put the Maxtor and the IBM in a tie for first place. I currently have 5 DiamondMax Plus 30 G ATA/100 7200 rpm drives spinning and I am very happy with the performance of these drives.

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Maxtor makes great drives. The only problem I've encountered with them is that they are not very RAID friendly.

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What model is it (family) Plus 40, Plus 45 or Plus 60?

Obviously a higher number represents a newer model (and therefore faster drive).

As it's ATA/66 then I'm guessing it's a Plus 40 (as all the drives from then were ATA/100) model number 53073U6.

If so the drive technology is about 18 months old.

It's still a very good drive (in fact it's one of the ones I'm using right now)

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I have a diamondmax plus 40, which is a 20gb 7200rpm, ATA/66. However when running sisoft sandra benchmarks my drives seems to be ATA/100 capable. Ever since I switched to the Abit KT7-RAID my hard drive performance has gone up which leads mt to believe that the maxtor drives are ATA/100 compatable without a firmware update.


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This hard drive is excellent if you can get it set up. I have a horrible time getting my motherboard to use the right settings. I first had the motherboard set to auto detect which wasn't working out.

Asus P3V4X was set to auto which didn't work so well because every once in a while I woudl get a blue screen when installing something telling me that data was lost.

Once I downloaded a program called "maxdrive" (I think) I put it on floppy and detected the drives settings. I then changed the BIOS settigns to match those and haven't had any problems since!

Good luck and watch out for the auto settings, maybe its just my motherboard?


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Well, I got it working perfectly with my other Fujitsu 10.8GB HD.. It's the "Plus 40" version. Does this mean that it cannot be upgradable to ATA-100? Also.. I was going to start a new topic, but I might as well ask it here.. Would there be any point of getting one of those "Promise ATA-100 PCI Expansion Cards"? Would I notice a performance increase or would it be a waste of money?


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That is an excellent drive but you would be kidding yourself to think it will exceed the 66Mb/sec that ATA66 will support. If your MB supports ATA/UDMA 66 it has all the throughput it needs. If you have a UDMA 33 only MB you would see only a slight improvement with a 66 or 100 card. If your MB does not even support UDMA 33 then get a card as it would be a lot of bang for the buck.

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