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Post questions for Matrox here.


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I am upgrading to a 400 mHz with PC 100 SDRAM AOpen AX6B+ motherboard and celeron 400 CPU. I use mostly Photoshop so do not need super 3d graphics. I want the best 2D card available. Is the productiva g100 the one to get or the Millenium G200?
Also, what is the fastest HDD?

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Humphf! No surprise here...Great 2d cards until now and abysmal, I mean abysmal support. I sent Matrox a puny e-mail that needed fast attention on March 4th or thereabout and have never so much as heard a peep since. I'm currently on my fourth gen Matrox card and this is my final round. The 2d/3d crowd is distinguished and polarized now and unless Matrox applies some serious PR spin followed by real world response to the dreadful customer support the legions of devotees/unpaid evangelists will dwindle profoundly. In their favour however they have near impeccable driver support and their web site is rich but c'mon people get a clue. You could learn a thing or two from Diamond's partially automated e-mail response tech support service. Your slow/dreadful response to the OpenGL icd combined with the numerous published complaints about your tech support has dealt a blow that begs for attention.