Matrox RT2500 and AMD



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I would like to build a system for video editing and thinking of using Matrox RT2500. Can anyone give comment on it? Please tell me if there are any other good alternative video editing card and what sort of graphics card should I use (preferbly one that support twin view).
Does RT2500 has any problem with AMD cpus?


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The Matrox RT2500 is the bees knees. You can't really do any better then that, so if you can afford it, go for it. I'v seen a couple AMD systems running this card with no problem, so I'd imagine it should be ok for you.

If you have no intention on playing 3d games on this particular system, then your best opiton in video card would be something from the Matrox Millenium series. Dual head (twin view) support has become trademark to Matrox, as has 2d quality.

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