Matrox RT2000 Review



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A few months ago Matrox, a fairly big player in the digital video editing industry, announced it would be developing a product that offered users DV and analog capturing capabilities and the power to render video in real-time, previously restricted to the very top line professional tools. Our resident digital video enthusiast has written a hands-on examination of the RT2000 and offers his views on its performance and value.


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I contacted Matrox about BeOS but their programmers were just working with Microsoft.
Mediapede and Adamation have products to work with the BeOS with fast realtime without extra hardware and rendering. Presently the BeOS works with Pinnacle's Miro DV200 & DV300 cards. What do you think of those cards? I heard that the ADS Pyro card is missing something - I think it was "dual stream" but I'm not sure. Adamation sells it with their Personal Studio Software.
Excellent article, It's good to see that there is a site like this, as it is hard to find sites that don't appear to be swayed by their advertisers.

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The DV200 and DV300 are very decent DV editings cards. The ADS Pyro will preform well with video that doesn't really on a lot of fancy effects and transitions. When these fancy things are used the RT2000 will perform very well. Another interesting card is the DV500 from Pinnacle.

I'm also waiting for some more support for the BEOS operating system as it looks to be a great OS for editing.