Matrox G-Series cards & OpenGL



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Exactly what is the situation regarding the Matrox G-Series cards and their support for OpenGL? I've heard talk of there being only a 'wrapper' for OpenGL. What the hell is this then and if it's crap then is the goign to be full support soon?


Matrox has a direct 3d wrapper for opengl, which is total crap. They keep talking about a opengl ICD, but no telling when. The day a consumer company comes out with a fully functioning, fully enabled OpenGL ICD, i will repent all my sins


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The "wrapper" refers to this: The open gl game sends out instructions to output video to the screen, the matrox card gets these instructions, and uses a set of algorithms to decode and process this open gl information, then it uses another set of algorighms to convert this processed information to direct 3d, then it outputs this to your monitor in direct 3d, not open gl. This is a big reason the matrox g-200 cards are really slow in quake II, and similar games using open gl. The image quality, however, is really good. Now weather matrox plans to ad open gl icd support, who knows. I remember when nVidia came out with the riva 128. There was all kinds of talk about open gl support, and there were alpha and beta releases, but it took 6 months after the chipset was released for them to make good open gl drivers. This was a blow to the company, as people started to avoid them thinking they could not live up to their promises, so they made sure to give the riva TnT open gl icd support.