marking interesting posts??



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Dont know if this is possible, but is there any way to make it possible to put a "mark" by any posts that are of interest, you can obviousley do this to emails and newsgroups etc, it would be very handy if this could be done here, i'm always losing topics that i've been following, especially if i havnt been online for a day or two. May not be possible, just an idea



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Hey CALV i don't think that it would be possibe well i mean it could but every post is interesting from a different point of view if you know what i mean.....
So it is better to leave it this way because different people think different posts are interesting......

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I think what CALV may have been implying, is that there is a function, executed in the form of a cookie, which lets the user pick and choose particular topics of interest for later reference. It would be client side, and each user would have their own personal selection of topics.

Am I correct in saying that CALV?


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I think he means "intersting to you". it would be everyone, and would have cookie support prolly. I know where he's coming from though. I've oft come back and not been able to find the threads I was interested. I know it can be done, I'd like to see it implemented also.

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assuming he is talking about everyone marking post they find interesting and that only they can see, I whole heartedly agree with calv. lets do it