making progress on cdrom but...



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I have the cdrom installed correctly on ide2. The cable has a tab and can only insert into CD and Motherboard one way. I took the CD from another PC so i know it works. I installed the drivers. Now when i boot i get the cdrom driver copyright message and after a few seconds the message - cannot find drive, installation aborted - and then it boots to the C prompt. I've tried every jumper setting possible including no jumpers at all. Can't figure it out? Is there something in the BIOS i need to do?
HELP Please!!


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Is there a cable distance limitation on the CDROM?
Is it IDE?

Can you try the following:
Computer without HDD,
Place CDROM in IDE1, and set No HDD in bios.
And then try to see the cdrom.

Is the power conector in properly?

Usually IDE CDROMS have an arrow or something marking the side where the colored strip is to go.
Try other Power connector. I had this happen to me once:
The power plug didn't have any current coming through.