Making a New Box - Which DirectX to Use?



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I'm replacing my faithful [email protected] with a Duron 650 and Epox 8KTA3 board tomorrow. After I load up Win98SE, should I stay at DirectX 7.0a or go with 8.0a? From what I've heard all the Detonator driver releases above 6.xx are for DX8. I'd like to keep upgrading my Detonators for the improved performance but I'm also worried about game compatability. I'm currently playing Rune, Rogue Squadron, Mysteries of the Sith and Q2 Mission Pack Zaero - most of my games are pretty old. Need your help on this one...
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Luis G

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No problems here with Rogue Squadron.

Using DX8, with a TNT2U and creative's drivers based on 3.68

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i'd say go with dx8 and 7.58 WHQL certified drivers. best performance

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Well, since USSVoyager has told me that he uses the 7.58 Dets with DX7.0a no probs I'm going to stick with DX7.0a. I have no games that need DX8, nor take advantage of its functionality, and since I might pick up a Kyro 2 I definitely wouldn't need it. I can always install it at a future time if needed.


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The only reason i have DX8 is cause the games i play use them.Nascar4,Mechwarrior4 and Tribes 2 all run with 8

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