Major lock up problem!



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I been having some lock ups, I have a dvd-rom/dvd-rw/cd-rw/ When I try to load Nero my sys locks up, also when I try to play a movie with my dvd-rom using power dvd my sys locks up.

Do you think my sys gets confused, when it looks for the device to play the movie or in Nero case, look for the RW device drive.

512ddr rma
Kid Chaos

Kid Chaos

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This may not be your problem, but when I installed a CD-Burner on my brother's computer it came with a CD that contained Nero. That version of nero, if executed, would SHUT THE COMPUTER DOWN! I upgraded to the latest version of Nero and all was well. Guess you could give it a try.


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I am not clear on the optical devices you have. Is that:
A DVD drive
A DVD RW/RW drive And a
CD RW drive?

Most CD R drives need to be on the Master IDE connector.

How are the DMA settings for the various drives?

Dito to what Kid Chaos suggests.