Major driver puzzle!



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This one really has me stumped! I've been trying to add a sound card to a Compaq Deskpro XL 560 (P-60, 32 RAM). The machine has sound capabilities built into the motherboard. I first tried installing the drivers for the built-in sound and the machine immediatly crashed every time I tried to restart. After discussions with Compaq, they advised me to remove the drivers and disable the built-in sound capabilities in the CMOS. I did this and then installed a Digital Research Technologies Sound Card. As soon as Windows 95 installs the drivers, the system becomes very unstable and crashes instantly as soon as any sound is supposed to play. The crashes vary from fatal exception errors to Explorer errors to the machine just spontaneously shutting down! As soon as I remove the drivers, the system stablilizes and there are no problems. I've tried everything including reformatting the hard drive, re-installing Windows 95, resetting the CMOS and updating the BIOS. I am stumped and I've stumped the technicians at Compaq and at DRT. If anyone has a clue, I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks


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Try a different sound card. Borrow one from a buddy and see how it goes wiht that one. It could be that the one you purchased is bad or is having compatibility problems.