Mainboard Suggestions



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Ok, I'm planning on spending some of this income tax money I have on some computer upgrades. Problem is I don't know what to do. I have two systems:
PII 400w/an Intel Mobo(originally from a Gateway)
128mb Ram
V3 3000 PCI(no AGP on the mobo)
4x Dvd
Celeron 500w/ Intel Mobo(originally from a Hewlet Packard)
on board sound
onboard Video
96 mb Ram
32x cd ram
Naturally I want to upgrade the 500 with a sound and video card. Probably V3 3000 PCI(no AGP slot)and an Aureal Vortex 2. Ok, after all that my problem is should I get a new Mobo for the PII 400 or the Celey 500? I would like to get a new board with more dimm slots and an AGP slot so I could get the new V3 in AGP. I don't know that much about Mobos though. All I need are a couple of suggestions. Thanks