Mac and PC together?



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I would welcome any ideas and/or suggestions to network a Mac and a Win95 machine together. I'm brand new at networking and have no idea where to even start. Software? Hardware needed? Can open either on either and know it's possible to link em...just don't know how! Thanks for your ideas!


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Well, I'm doing this currently at my home. I have four computers, of which one is a Mac. The other three are all PCs: one runs NT 4 (that's my workstation), another runs Linux 2.0.29 (a server), and the fourth is currently inhabited by a blank hard drive which will be configured to dual-boot into NT, Win 98, or Linux (a testbed).

I have all of these machines networked to various degrees. Using Linux on a server is really nice because it enables me to emulate lots of other things. For instance, I've installed Samba on it and now all of my PCs can print to the HP 4000 connected to the server. If I put Dave ( on the Mac, it would be able to see the NT network and also share the printer and file shares I've set up.

However, Dave costs money even though you can download it for free. There's another solution available: install an Appletalk server on the Linux machine! I haven't done this yet, but I think that if I do I'll be able to network everything I've got.

The easiest way to connect a Mac and a PC, however, is probably just to buy Dave for the Mac and use NT networking. That's probably easier than trying to get the PC to speak Appletalk.

Oh, you asked for hardware as well. What I have is a NIC (that is, an Ethernet card - NIC stands for Network Interface Card) for each machine (actually two NICs on the server - necessary for internet browsing). I also have a 4-port ethernet hub. Each NIC plugs into a port on the hub via an ethernet cable. That's all you have to do. You can also buy 2-port hubs if you have two machines, or you can even connect a NIC directly to another NIC if you buy a special cable (called a crossover cable).

I'm really an amateur here myself, but I've learned a fair amount by trial and error over the past year or so. Good luck!