M715 & Celeron - HIGH Voltage RED ALERT!!!



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I have recently posted that my system locks up in games that use hardware 3d. I just installed AMI HealthAgent and it says
"Hi Alert: VCore 2.8V" Umm isnt the PII supposed use that kinda voltage not the celeron? i heard the celeron uses 2.0 - 2.4 or something like that could this be a reason why i'm getting lock ups ? btw i'm going to send the boards back for differnt ones that support celerons and their correct VOLTAGE, any thoughts would be appreciated i'm just curious if thiers something wrong with this....


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If you are using any other celeron other than the standard 266 or 300, they will not work on this board. You are out of luck in this way... Im not too sure about the voltages, the new celeron 300a may use a different voltage, that may be what you are hearing about. The older celeron are indentical to p-2 400's just without the l2 cache, and underclocked to death. That is why these processors are so popular to overclock, they are totally stable at 400mhz. Look at a bx chip set board for the best compatability.
Your 3d game lockups, though, are likely due to drivers for the video card. Look for the latest drivers.