Lucent 56K V.90 PCI modem-'port open'



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I have installed a Lucent chipset modem (ltmodem) following instructions explicitly (install software, install modem, let Win95 recognize new hardware and establish port settings. This all works fine. However, when I try to dial out, I get the message 'Port already open'. In Control Panel/modems/diagnostics/more info I get the same message along with 'port in use by other telephony device or application'. In Control Panel/system/modems/resources it says there are no conflicts. I have shut down memory resident programs and removed .inf files for my old modem. Still same result. Since Win95 establishes a virtual port for this device, I don't understand how the port can be in use by something else. Thanks


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Go into your BIOS shut off COM3. Then load the modem to that port. I own it as well and thats how mine is loaded. Let me know if other problems occur.