Looking for the right vid card... help...?



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I've got a 1GigHz AMD Tbird and i've been living with a shitty 16mb graphics card i had kicking around when i made it, but its definitely about time to upgrade. I’m looking for some advice. I know there are a ton out there but my requirements are, something fast a powerfully, I’m not a hardcore gamer but I do once in a while, and I also do a lot of graphics a video editing so I want something that’s going to have a video IN of some sort, for me to mess around with, and at least 32, preferably 64 megs of DDR video memory. I’ve been looking at the ATI RADEON DDR VIVO (http://computers.cnet.com/hardware/0-1107-404-3706955.html?tag=txt) but I have been reading some reviews that have mentioned that its is getting a little out dated and it doesn’t have the greatest frame rate either. So basically I’m looking for a good graphics card w/ new technology, a powerful processor and memory, and video in and out features. If anyone has any suggestion on products they’ve used or heard about please let me know, sorry for such a long post, I appreciate the help.



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All-in-wonder Radeon 8500DV or Matrox G550(not a good gaming card).

Win98se/Mandrake 8.1
VolcanoII/RadioShack paste
1.2ghz 266DDR T-bird @ 1.4
384 MB PC133
Matrox G450 32MB AGP
Viewsonic G90f 19"