Looking for a fast low flying game


Katana Man

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My ultimate game would be some kind of flight game where you fly low to the ground, and flying through tunnels, trees, canyons etc.

Have you ever watched return of the Jedi and wanted to try your reflexes on those scooter thingies used in the ewok forest?

Seems like so many of today's games may be jet fighter games, or futuristic crafts, but the ground scrolls by so slow, and there is nothing to fly through, under or around. Where is the sense of speed? I want speed. I've got a 950MHZ system with a Geoforce2 GTS, and I want to flex it's muscles.

Any games out there that you guys know of that might quench my thrist for a low flying high speed simulation ?


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Why don't you get the Star wars pod racer game. You hover off of the ground about 7 feet and you shooot across the tracks impressively fast. There are quite a few different tracks (28?), and they all have the flying through tunnels, walls, along snowy mountain edges in an iceworld, through a boggy swamp, cities etc. nice variation of tracks. I would most definitely choose this game for a Fast, low flying game, it will test your reflexes. Download the demo and try it, I think you will like it.

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Katana Man

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Yeah, I thought about that one too. I think I'll try it. Although I really like the idea of free flight.

What we need is some kind of flight racing game where the lower you fly the faster your craft goes


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I have that game here somewhere... I'm going to look for it! The box looks like crap though.


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Commanche (Novalogic).
Rogue Squadron
Descent Freespace

I can think of many others, just not the names at the moment.


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I downloaded pod racer a while back, demo with only one track. I thought I was pretty damn fast for a demo. With the full version,which you can set speed, and build up your machine could be interesting. Wonder how it would play on my new Raedon64DDR?

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