Looking for a cheap OC system for experiments....



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Any form factor, any brand, any chip type (socket or slot by any manufacturer). I am going to do some cooling experiments with a friend and we need an inexpensive testbed. The board/chip combination has to be overclockable like mad. AGP is a requirement.

I was thinking of a 440BX unit of some kind, maybe Abit with a 700 chip. Or an Abit KT7A with a cheap Duron 700.'

The system has to be cheap enough so that if I screw up and the chip is killed, not a real big deal, just a minor inconvenience.

Thanks for all your help in advance.


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You're right, it is a low speed Duron or an early Celeron you need. The KT7 (no need for kt133a chipset) can be had second-hand quite easily now 266fsb is more popular

I won't bore you with my system specs..


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The reason I was thinking KT7A was the exactly the Kt133A chipset. I was looking for a high bus rate as well as high clock rate for the processor. Otherwise, the KT7 used would make more sense. Thanks for replying so quickly.

I almost forgot about an old Celeron, mmmmmm

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Will get more when the money comes in.....


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A Duron 600 and a KT7A would be your best bet I think m8.... get the soldering iron out and do that voltage mod to the board!!!

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