Looking at the IRiver iFP 795T need thoughts



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Iam looking at this my myself, I would like to know if this is any good? I dont need anything major but something that will last. What are the pro and cons on this mp3 player from prople who have used this.



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I haven't used one, but I've read a bit on a similar model since I was considering the iFP 799 and the Creative MuVo TX a few weeks ago when I wanted an MP3 player. I finally went with the MuVo because it fitted more my needs overall (size, use as a portable key), but the iRiver was a very very close second. iRiver is a major company in the portable audio market, and from what I've gathered in the reviews, it seems to have excellent sound (above many other players), a boatload of features, OGG support and the battery life is very near the manufacturer's claim (around 35hrs for 40 estimated ).

The big turnoff for me was that it initially needed software installed to transfer files, i.e. it is not seen as a removable drive by WinXP to drag n'drop files. However, iRiver has released a firmware that make it usable as a removable storage device, so it is a moot point now, although some people report that mode is only working in USB 1.1 speed. But If you don't mind the transfer software all of this is totally a non issue :) The interface seems to be a bit on the hard to use side, but it's probably just a matter of adaptation.

If it has all the features you want, then I'd say definately go for it :)