Lock-Up in Games using M715 EX/LX Board



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I'm using the PCWave (People here call it
PCChips?, thier website is www.pcwave.com btw) any way... I'm using the M715 PII Board which uses the intel 440 ex/lx chipset with a celeron 300mhz (not 300a) and no its not overclocked.. it freezes when i got a game such as say quake 2 or incoming that uses the 3d acceleration of my i740 graphics card. I have 2 different cards from different brands based on the chip set and results are the same, i notice the heatsink on the i740 is quite hot (cpu is barely warm) any way, at first when i installed it also had a powervr pcx2 card in and it ran all its demos fine and GLQuake II PowerVR ran great... I thought i'd try the i740 in quake 2 so i got the latest drivers and removed the powervr card and it started fine and looked great then froze after 3 seconds of running in glquake... i tried many other demos and it did the same thing, so i threw in my powervr and it started to do the same thing (all this is within days of buying this stuff) i tried new drivers, old drivers with proper vid bios's, and dx5/dx6, i tried PC66 SDRAM, PC100 SDRAM, i tried simm's (it comes with 4 72pin simm 2 dimm sockets), i dont know what to do i got on the graphics card makers case (www.eontronics.com) and they havent replyed yet. btw i am using win98.


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PCWave is not PCChips thpough both may use same type of numbering for their mb. Their quality may be the same too (a little sarcasm).

The best thing I can tell you is that since you said you just bought the stuff is to put things back the way the were and return/exchange it. It will save you a lot of time and irritation.

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it seems that pcwave is the whosesale end who manufactures the boards and pcchips is the retail end in the u.s. or so i'm told...
just a thought...


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Your intel i740 cards may just not be compatable at all with the m715 board you have. This is quite possible, not all cards will work in all boards, weather they are high quality major brand names or run of the mill ones. A buddy had a similar problem with board/video card combinations. He tried a couple of different asus p2l97 boards with a couple of different matrox productiva g100 video cards with the same results in every combo. The system would lock up every time he would try and install a game. When he swaped out the g100 video card and got a diamond viper v330, he ended his problems. He also had a sb pci 128 card that would not work at all in an abit lx6 board, but worked fine in the abit p2l97. Also the sb card caused the system to not recognize any of the other cards on the pci bus at all. These kind of problems are more comon than alot of people think. This is what it sounds like your problem is, just a card that wont work with a board.